The Certificate in Global Health is open to undergraduate and graduate students in Anthropology. The certificate is part of a university-wide program offering certificates in global health to students in diverse disciplines across the university. All students in the certificate program, regardless of discipline, take Fundamentals of Global Health (INTH 301/401) together. This course is co-taught by faculty from across the university and offers a truly interdisciplinary perspective on global health. By combining disciplinary-based work in Anthropology with the interdisciplinary perspective gained in INTH 301/401, the Certificate in Global Health prepares students for a career in the field of global health.


INTH 301: Fundamental Concepts in Global Health

ANTH 215: Introduction to Medical Anthropology

ANTH 359: Introduction to Global Health

One elective selected in consultation with your adviser

For more information:  Certificate-in-Global-Health-for-Anthropology-Majors-and-Anthropology-Graduate-Students.

Contact: Dr. Janet McGrath – | 216.368.2287