ANTH 302/402 Darwinian Medicine 3
ANTH 305 Child Policy 3
ANTH 316 Anthropology and Global Health: Current Global Health Events and Special Topics 3
ANTH 326/426 Power, Illness and Inequality: The Political Economy of Health 3
ANTH 335/435 Illegal Drugs and Society 3
ANTH 354/454 Health and Healing in East Asia 3
ANTH 360/460 Global Politics of Fertility, Family Planning, and Population Control 3
ANTH 365/465 Gender and Sex Differences: Cross-Cultural Perspective 3
ANTH 366/466 Population Change: Problems and Solutions 3
ANTH 371/471 Culture, Behavior, and Person: Psychological Anthropology 3
ANTH 376/476 Topics in the Anthropology of Health and Medicine 3
ANTH 378/478 Reproductive Health: An Evolutionary Perspective 3
ANTH 382/482 Anthropological and Ecological Perspectives and Preserving and Restoring the Natural World 3
ANTH 513 Seminar in Ethnopsychiatry 3
ANTH 530 Seminar in Medical Anthropology 3

If you have any questions about whether or not a course qualifies to fulfill the health-related elective requirement, please contact Professor Janet McGrath (