As a student in the anthropology program at Case Western Reserve University you will be involved in a discipline that challenges you to form a unique perspective on human behavior, institutions, and biology. These skills of investigation, discovery, and critical thinking prepare you for a wide range of careers from health and international affairs, to public service, education, and law, to management and industry. Job opportunities in the subdisciplines of cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, archaeological anthropology, and linguistic anthropology will be abundant in the next ten years.


Just a few examples of the exciting opportunities open to anthropologists include working with local police forensic departments, studying health issues for hospitals or medical centers, and consulting for companies that develop software and electronics. Geographic regions for employment opportunities include Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and North America. For more information about the careers available to anthropologists, visit the American Anthropological Association’s Resources for Students or the Case Career Center. For help in choosing a school, go to Which Graduate School is Right for You?


We invite you to explore Faculty Research, become inspired by their enthusiasm and become engaged as a student into the possibilities that await you.



An undergraduate degree in anthropology can lead you to an enriching career, to further study in medicine and law, or to advanced study in various academic programs.  Interested undergraduate students can choose from four majors and four minors within the department, as well as six interdisciplinary programs.

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Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees

Our graduate programs have some of the best opportunities in the nation. Numerous specializations are available to help you tailor your graduate study to your specific interests. And our combined degree programs, such as an MPH or MD along with a MA/PhD in Anthropology, let you expand your career options after graduation.

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