Graduate Program Forms

Internal (Department of Anthropology) required forms:

Frequently Used Graduate Forms can be found at School of Graduate Studies webpage.


Graduate Studies Required Forms

Visit here and download the forms.

Forms included for the PhD are listed below:

  • Notification for Scheduling The Final Oral Exam
  • Final Certification of the PhD Degree
  • ETD Document Approval
  • ETD Submission Checklist
  • Survey of Earned Doctorates
  • Request for Waiver of Registration

Travel (Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Faculty)

  • Approval of Travel: If you are traveling to a meeting or for any other university-related business AND your travel is being supported by the University in any way (including through reimbursement from a university administered external grant), you must fill out the following form prior to your travel and submit it to the Chair of the Department of Anthropology: Travel Form
  • Statement of Travel Expense
  • Equipment Insurance: Contact the department about obtaining insurance at a reasonable price for any equipment (including laptops) that you will be taking to the field.  It is recommended that you take copies of receipts with you.
  • Emergency Medical Insurance and Travel Registry: See this link for international travel:  http://www.cwru.edu/finadmin/security/travel/international_travel.html
  • Contact Marielena Maggio (368 – 2517; mxm346@case.edu), Director of International Student Services and inform her of your travel.