Graduate Program Forms

Internal (Department of Anthropology) required forms:

Frequently Used Graduate Forms can be found at School of Graduate Studies webpage.


Graduate Studies Required Forms

Visit http://gradstudies.case.edu/current/graduation/masters.html and download the forms.

Forms included for the PhD are listed below:

  • Notification for Scheduling The Final Oral Exam
  • Final Certification of the PhD Degree
  • ETD Document Approval
  • ETD Submission Checklist
  • Survey of Earned Doctorates
  • Request for Waiver of Registration

Travel (Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Faculty)

  • Approval of Travel: If you are traveling to a meeting or for any other university-related business AND your travel is being supported by the University in any way (including through reimbursement from a university administered external grant), you must fill out the following form prior to your travel and submit it to the Chair of the Department of Anthropology: Travel Form
  • Equipment Insurance: Contact the Department Administrator, Linda Rinella (linda.rinella@case.edu) about obtaining insurance at a reasonable price for any equipment (including laptops) that you will be taking to the field.  It is recommended that you take copies of receipts with you.
  • Emergency Medical Insurance and Travel Registry: See this link for international travel:  http://www.cwru.edu/finadmin/security/travel/international_travel.html
  • Contact Marielena Maggio (368 – 2517; mxm346@case.edu), Director of International Student Services and inform her of your travel.