Study Abroad Application System:

To identify anthropology courses offered abroad click here and go into “program search” and then “advanced search” and select the major “anthropology,” you will see all the study abroad programs that have courses in anthropology. However, because anthropology is a broad discipline, it is likely you can get a class approved as anthropology even if it is not specifically marketed or titled as anthropology.

Course Offerings – Department of Anthropology:

A complete list of courses offered by the Anthropology department. One anthropology course offered abroad is detailed below:

  • Anth 340:  Cultures of the World: Study Abroad (3 credits)
    • This course is a vehicle to allow anthropology courses taken during study abroad that have a primary focus on the culture of a specific society or geographic area to be accepted as equivalent to a CWRU course that meets the CAS Global and Cultural Diversity requirement. 
  • In order to be accepted as equivalent to ANTH 340 a course must
    •  (a) be taught in a department of anthropology or by an anthropologist in an allied department; and
    •  (b) cover the breadth of a culture. Courses focusing on one aspect of a society (economics, political structure, history, etc.) cannot be accepted as equivalent to ANTH 340. In order to verify that a course meets these requirements students must submit a course description and syllabus for the course to the Chair, Department of Anthropology. If a syllabus is not available in advance of the course, approval will be contingent on review of the course syllabus. This course will fulfill the CAS Global and Cultural Diversity requirement, as well as meet the geographic area requirement for Anthropology majors and minors.

To view a complete list of Anthropology course offerings click here.

Experiential Learning Fellowship in Anthropology:

The Experiential Learning Fellowship in Anthropology (ELFA) provides Anthropology undergraduate majors with the opportunity to have a meaningful experience in another culture, with the specific goal of enhancing your understanding of cultural, economic, political and social diversity. View ELFA page here.

Application Procedure:

  1. Students must have an Anthropology faculty sponsor. Students are strongly encouraged to work with their faculty sponsor well in advance of the application deadline to provide sufficient time to develop the project plans.
  2. If the project involves research with human subjects, students should work with their faculty sponsor to obtain approval from the CWRU Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  3. Complete the application here. A complete application includes the following:
    1. Completed cover sheet, establishing eligibility
    2. An introduction in which you provide a brief background for your project, including its anthropological relevance, and a clear statement of your primary thesis/goal
    3. A detailed description of your proposed methods, including a description of how you will obtain a sample
    4. A detailed budget
    5. One letter of recommendation describing the qualifications of the applicant and the feasibility of the proposal. This letter of recommendation will normally be written by the faculty sponsor but it may be written by anyone with appropriate expertise to evaluate the project. 
    6. IRB approval and approval from the relevant authorities in the country where you plan to do research is not required for the initial application but is required before funds will be released.