The Anthropology Student Association is a student-run organization for undergraduate students interested in anthropology that strives to be a resource for professional development, a community builder, and a venue for learning.

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The mission of the Anthropology Student Association is to enrich the Case Western Reserve University community by hosting informal and panel discussions, speaker series, film watch parties, and other events that cater to students interested in anthropology. Our programming will provide like-minded students a venue to discuss relevant events and apply concepts learned in anthropology classes to organizational events. Further, our events will embrace diversity, support global perspectives, foster multiculturalism, and spur cross-cultural learning in a fashion that will inevitably make students more culturally competent. Likewise, we aspire to increase the interconnectedness of students interested in anthropology, introduce students to the many career paths achievable through anthropology, inform students about anthropological conferences, internships, and research opportunities, and serve as a primary resource for all students with pursuits in anthropology for the overall betterment and increased visibility of the anthropology community at Case Western Reserve University.


ASA Team

Copresident Kaelie Shea kms352@case.edu
Copresident Mia George mcg135@case.edu
Treasurer Amaya Kopp amk335@case.edu
Vice President of Public Relations Sanaa Bhuleshkar ssb157@case.edu
Vice President of Event Planning Caris Goebel ccg62@case.edu
Organization Advisor Dr. Katia Almeida kma14@case.edu



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Last Updated: 01/22/2024