SAGES Requirements

All SAGES requirements are set by the College of Arts and Sciences. This means that Anthropology students are not required to complete their SAGES requirements with Anthropology courses. If you do use Anthropology courses to meet your SAGES requirements, however, these courses count towards the 30 credit major requirement.

Two categories of SAGES courses are offered by the department: SAGES Department Seminars and SAGES Capstone courses.

SAGES Department Seminars:

Courses which meet this requirement include (but are not necessarily limited to)

  • ANTH 316 – Current Global Health Events
  • ANTH 347 – Cultural Ecology: An Epistemological Approach to Environmental Sustainability
  • ANTH 349 – Cultures of Latin America
  • ANTH 378 – Reproductive Health: An Evolutionary Perspective
  • ANTH 382 – Anthropological and Ecological Perspectives on Preserving and Restoring the Natural World

In order to determine which seminars are being offered each semester, enter ANTH under “Course Subject” and select SAGES Department Seminar under “Course List” in Schedule of Classes

SAGES Capstone Courses:

The Anthropology Department offers the following courses which satisfy the SAGES Capstone requirement

  • ANTH 368 – Evolutionary Biology Capstone (Cross-list: BIOL 396, GEOL 396)
  • ANTH 398 – Anthropology SAGES Capstone
  • ANTH 398C – Child Policy Externship and Capstone (Cross-list: CHST 398C, PSCL 398C)

Guidelines for students completing the capstone requirement with ANTH 398 can be found here.

PLEASE READ THESE GUIDELINES CAREFULLY. Be aware that you must obtain the permission of the instructor in order to enroll in a Capstone course.