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Integrated Graduate Studies (IGS)

The Integrated Graduate Studies (IGS) Program is intended for highly motivated undergraduate students who wish to complete the academic requirements of both a BA and MA degree in anthropology. Interested students who fulfill the college requirements for the IGS program must apply to the anthropology graduate program by the spring semester of their junior year. Details on applying to the graduate program can be found here.


Additional information of the IGS program can be found on page ten of the Department of Anthropology Undergrad Handbook.


It is possible to obtain the MA degree simultaneously with completion of the BA degree because courses taken during your senior year can be applied towards the completion of the requirements for both degrees. Course schedules must of course be constructed so that the courses taken during your senior year are appropriate for both degrees. The BA degree will be awarded upon meeting all requirements for a baccalaureate degree, which should occur by the end of your senior year. The MA degree will be awarded after successfully completing 27 graduate credit hours and ‘passing’ the comprehensive examination. [Beginning in Fall 2018, M.A. candidates will be required to complete 30 hours of graduate credit.] For more details on the requirements for an MA in Anthropology, click here.

Page last modified: May 23, 2018