This sample budget shows the level of detail required by the Foundation. Include the justifications for your budget items at the end of your complete itemized budget. Please consult the Budget Guidelines, which can be found under Application Procedures, for allowed categories, necessary justifications and additional information.

US $
US $
International Travel
1 x round trip airfare London-Botswana-London 1,900
Transportation and lodging while traveling 145
Excess Baggage 200
Local Travel/Transportation requirements
Vehicle Rental (60 days @ $45/day) **1 2,700
Subtotal for Travel 4,945
Living Expenses [food, lodging, and other expenses may be listed separately]
Per Diem at Field Site ($500/month x 2 months) 1,000
Per Diem in Gaborone ($50/day x 10 days) **2 500
Subtotal for Living Expenses 1,500
Other Costs Associated with Research
Research Assistance ($20/day x 2 assistants x 60 days) **3 2,400
Gifts for Informants 500
Visa or Permit Fees 250
Lab/Analytical Costs (3 C-14 dates @ $400/date) 1,200
Subtotal for Other Costs 3,150
Supplies and Equipment 
2 Handheld GPS units + accessories 320
Digital Camera 500
Laptop computer **4 1,000
Field Supplies
Subtotal for Supplies and Equipment 1,820
Other Costs
Travel Medical Insurance ($100/month for 2 months) 200
Email, telephone, fax, postage 200
Childcare ($20/day x 60 days) **5 1,200
Subtotal for Other Costs 1,600


Total Budget Requested from Wenner-Gren

  1. It is necessary to rent a vehicle to access the field site which lies in a remote area and to transport equipment and personnel on a daily basis. Price includes rental, maintenance, and fuel costs.
  2. Five days are needed in Gaborone initially to make final arrangements for the field work and five days are needed at the end to access archives at the University.
  3. One local research assistant is needed for the duration of the field work to help the researcher survey the region for archaeological sites and to carry out test excavations. The level of payment is based on prior experience with hiring research assistants in Botswana.
  4. A laptop is necessary to record  field notes and keep data during the research period. The price includes necessary software. Funding for laptops is not available through my university. At the end of the project, the laptop will be donated to the University of Botswana and a confirmation letter provided.
  5. The applicant has two children less than 5 years of age that must accompany her into the field. The estimate is based on previous experience with childcare costs in Botswana. No other adult family member will be accompanying me in the field.