Eligibility requirements:

An undergraduate degree in Anthropology is preferred but is not required for enrollment. Applicants with no previous training in Anthropology should state clearly in their application their reason for applying to graduate school in anthropology.

Financial Assistance:

PhD applicants wishing to be considered for financial support must submit a complete application by January 10th of the calendar year in which they wish to enroll.

Visiting the department:

Interested applicants are welcome to visit the department prior to applying. If you plan on visiting CWRU, please contact the Anthropology office (216-368-3703) in as far advance as possible when you will be visiting and when you will be available to meet with Anthropology faculty and students. We’ll arrange for you to meet with several faculty and current graduate students based on your interests. Please do not contact individual faculty and try to arrange your own meetings. You will have a more satisfying visit if your interviews are coordinated by our main office.

Degree Requirements: