PhD’s in Anthropology

Name Dissertation Title Current Position

Francis Manzella

(PhD – May 2019)

“What Medical Tourism Tells Us About Global Health Diplomacy and Governance:  An Organizational Analysis of Civil Society in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

Jonnie Marks 

(PhD – May 1998)

“Gut Feelings, the Holy Spirit, and a Processed World: Embodied Knowledge of Breast Cancer Risks in African-American Women“

Kate E. Masley, Ph.D., CD (DONA) 

(PhD – August 2007)

“Living the ‘Latina Paradox’: An Ethnography of Pregnant and Postpartum Mexican Immigrants in Northeast Ohio”
Adjunct Lecturer
Department of Sociology, Carroll University
Online Instructor, College of Health Sciences
Trident International

Dale McCall 

(PhD – 1976)

“A Study of the Relationship between the PTC Tasting Polymorphism and the Peroxidase of Human Saliva with Reference to Extrathyroidal Metabolism of Iodine”

Stephanie McClure 

(PhD – May 2013)

“It’s Just Gym: African-American Adolescent Girls Enacting Physicality-Informed Identity in School Settings”
Assistant Professor, Behavioral Science & Health Education
St. Louis University

Kathryn McGowan 

(PhD – January 2005)

“A Body History of Polio-related Impairments in the United States”

Carmit McMullen 

(PhD – May 2003)

“Aging with Grace: Health Evaluation and Identity among African-American Elders”
Investigator Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research

Hillary Melchiors 

(Ph.D., August 2014)

“Subjective Well-Being, Bicultural Citizenship and Identity: An Ethnography of Turkish-German Adolescent Girls in Berlin, Germany”
Doula, Doula Group of Evansville

Sarah Miller-Fellows

(Ph.D., May 2019)

“Making Medicine Amish”

Lisa Mitchell 

(PhD – May 1993)

“Making Babies: Routine Ultrasound Imaging and the Cultural Construction of the Fetus in Montreal, Canada”
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of Victoria

Michelle Nebergall 

(PhD – August 2014)

“Understanding Perceptions of Risk Among Youth in a South African Township”
Clinical Trials Manager
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Elizabeth Olson 

(PhD – August 2009)

“Nahua People of the Sierra of Manantlan Biosphere Reserve: Livelihoods, Health Experiences, and Medicinal Plant Knowledge in Mexico”
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
History, Sociology, and Anthropology
Southern Utah University

Kinuko Omori 

(PhD – January 1994)

“Sociocultural Influences on Child Health and Nutritional Status in Karen Highlanders of Thailand”

Kathryn Oths

(PhD – May 1991)

“Medical Treatment Choice and Health Outcomes in the Northern Peruvian Andes”
Professor, Department of Anthropology
University of Alabama

Gregory Pappas

(MD – 1986; PhD – May 1986)

“The Magic City: An Ethnography of Unemployment in a Working Class Community”
Senior Deputy Director
DC Department of Health HAHSTA
HAHSTA, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD, TB Administration
Department of Health District of Columbia

Isabel Parraga

(PhD – May 1992)

“Dietary Beliefs, Nutritional Patterns and Nutritional Status of Urban Aymara Women and Children“
Emeriti Associate Professor
Department of MS in Public Health Nutrition
Case Western Reserve University

Micah Parzen

(PhD – January 2001)

“Culturally Appropriate” Mental Health Care: Wilderness Therapy for Navajo Youth”
Chief Executive Officer, San Diego Museum of Man

Jessica Price

(PhD – May 2002)

“Culture: An Exploration of Unregulated Circulation and Consumption of Biomedicines in a Central African Town”

Bruce Rippeteau

(PhD – August 1973)

“The Principles and Theory of Radiocarbon Chronology and a Radiocarbon Chronology for LIthic Variation in the Northeastern United States during 3,000 to 500 Calendrical Years B.C.”
Adjunct Faculty, Anthropology
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

James Ross

(PhD – June 1981)

“Hindu and Tibetan Reproduction and Fertility in Northwestern Nepal: A Study of Population, Ecology, and Economics”

Sarah Rubin

(Ph.D., August 2014)

“Struggling and Coping with Life: Maternal Emotional Distress in a South African Township”
Lecturer, Department of Social Medicine-Cleveland Campus
Ohio University

Charles Rwabukwali

(PhD – May 1997)

Gender, Poverty, and AIDS in Kabarole, Western Uganda: The Sociocultural Context of Risk and Preventative Behaviors”
Makerere University

Christina Saunders Sturm

(PhD – May 2002)

“Breast Cancer Illness Narratives: Examining the Experience of Living with Breast Cancer “
Research Professional

John Scarry

(PhD – 1984)

“Fort Walton Development: Mississippian Chiefdoms in the Lower Southeast“
Research Associate Professor
Research Labs of Archeology / Anthropology
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Allison Schlosser

(PhD –

“Subjectivity and Moral Personhood: An Ethnography of Addiction Treatment in the United States.”
Postdoctoral Fellow
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University

Robert Schrauf

(PhD – May 1995)

“Andalusian Carnaveleros and Hermanos: Cultural Schemata and Reconstructive Retrieval in Autobiographical Memory “
Professor / Head of Department
Department of Applied Linguistics
Pennsylvania State University

Anita Shankar

(PhD – 1995)

In Search of the Light in Your Eyes: Anthropological and Epidemiological Perspectives of Vitamin A Deficiency in Nelali Children “
Research Associate
School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins University

Jennifer Shaw

(PhD – August 2013)

“Navigating at a Double Crossroads: The Role of Subsistence in the Subjective Wellbeing of Dena’ina Athabascan Youth in Alaska“
Senior Researcher
Southcentral Foundation
Anchorage, Alaska

Joanna Skilogianis

(Ph.D., January 2001)

“Great Expectations vs. State Expectations: Fertility Limitation among Women in Urban Greece ”

James Spilsbury

(Ph.D., January 2002)

“Hazards and Help-Seeking in Inner-City Cleveland: The Child’s Perception of Neighborhood Danger, Safety, and Support “
Assistant Professor and Director Center for Clinical Investigation
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University

David Stothers

(Ph.D., 1974)

The Princess Point Complex”

Dorice Tentchoff

(Ph.D., January 1977)

Speech in Louisiana Cajun Community ”
Elena Tempeanu (Ph.D., August 1993) “The Rise of Complex Society in the Eastern Carpatho-Danubian Region (Last Millennium B.C.)(Romania, Iron Production, Dacia) “

Preecha Upayokin

(Ph.D., January 1991)

“Treatment Choice, Disease Outcome and Stigma: An Investigation of Leprosy Patients and Illness Behavior in Thailand “
Associate Professor
Director of the Center for Academic Services
Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai

Colleen Walsh

(Ph.D., May 2011)

“Gardening Together: Social Capital, Health Inequality, and the Cultivation of Urban Community “
Assistant Professor, School of Health Science
College of Science and Health Professions
Cleveland State University

Jing Wang

(PhD – May 2018)

“Growing Old with Daughters: Aging, Care, and Change in the Matrilocal Family System in Rural Tibet.”
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Ethnology
Yunnan University

Nancy White

(Ph.D., 1982)

“The Curlee Site (8Ja7) and Fort Walton Development in the Upper Apalachicola-Lower Chattahoochee Valley, Florida, Georgia, Alabama“
Department of Anthropology
University of South Florida

Sarah Williams-Blangero

(Ph.D., May 1987)

“Patterns of Marital Exchange and Phenotypic Differentiation in the Jirels of Nepal”
Director, South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute
Director, Edinburg Regional Academic Health Center
Professor, School of Medicine
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Margaret Winchester

(Ph.D., January 2011)

“Living with Globalization: The Intersection of Intimate Partner Violence and HIV Treatment in Uganda”
Research Associate and Coordinator
Pan University Network for Global Health
Pennsylvania State University

Nyamdorf Yandag

(Ph.D., may 2000)

“Basal Metabolic Rate of Mongolian Pastoral Nomads”

Pamela Zahorik

(Ph.D., January 1991)

“Juvenile Diabetes: A Study of Children’s Perceptions of their Illness (Diabetes)“

Maggie Zraly

(Ph.D., January 2008)

“Bearing: Resilience Among Genocide-Rape Survivors in Rwanda”
Child Protection Advisor
ChildFund International