Congratulations to Caleb Curry!

Congratulations to Caleb Curry for being awarded CWRU’s Think Big Leadership Award and the Department of Anthropology’s Newbell Niles and Ruth Neuer Puckett Award!


Caleb Curry (BA, May 2021) was awarded the Think Big Leadership Award for Modeling Commitment to Social Impact. He has worked to create community standards for student organizations to combat violence and inequality on campus; expand access to the CWRU community card; and has helped prioritize minority business contracts. He also serves as the group coordinator for Amnesty International and spearheaded an LGBT human rights event that attracted nearly 200 people. In addition to the campus community, he is working to eliminate Cleveland’s Food Deserts and performing public health research focusing on health disparities like asthma and their relation to minority stress. Throughout the pandemic, he has been working on a nationwide COVID-19 LGBT+ survey to examine the impact of COVID-19 on many health behaviors of LGBT youth.


The Newbell Niles and Ruth Neuer Puckett Award is given annually to a graduating senior for their outstanding achievement in anthropology.

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