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Write-Up Funding

American Association of University Women Applicant must be a woman doctoral candidate completing a dissertation or a scholar seeking funds for postdoctoral research leave or for preparing completed research for publication. Must also be a U.S citizen or permanent resident.
American Council for Learned Societies Nine different grants available for those with a conferred Ph.D. engaging in humanistic research in Asia, Africa, the Near East, or the Soviet Union.
The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Funding to finish dissertation in the last year of Ph.D. work; research must be to increase understanding of the causes, manifestations, and control of violence, aggression and dominance.
Arts & Sciences Dissertation Seminar This program has been funding up to 12 graduate students at an early stage of work on the dissertation to participate in a semester-long seminar devoted to discussion of one another’s dissertation work and of the questions of method and purpose raised by “humanistic” scholarship more broadly. Students are selected from among applicants working in arts, humanities, and social science departments.
Center for Engaged Scholarship Dissertation Fellowship These dissertation fellowships are for Ph.D. students in the social sciences whose work is of high quality and that has the potential to contribute to making U.S. society less unequal, more democratic, and more environmentally sustainable. The research can focus on global dynamics or the analysis of a foreign nation, but there must, ultimately, be some connection to progressive politics in the US.
Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowships in Women’s Studies The WW Women’s Studies Fellowships support the final year of dissertation writing for Ph.D. candidates in the humanities and social sciences whose work addresses topics of women and gender in interdisciplinary and original ways.
Josephine De Karman Fellowship Trust The Josephine De Karman Fellowship Trust was established in 1954 by the late Dr. Theodore von Karman, world renowned aeronautics expert and teacher and first director of the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology, in memory of his sister, Josephine, who died in 1951. The purpose of this fellowship program is to recognize and assist students whose scholastic achievements reflect professor von Karmans high standards.
Ford Foundation Diversity Fellowships – Dissertation The Ford Foundation provides approximately 20 one-year dissertation fellowships of $21,000 each for 9-12 months. All US citizens are eligible to apply, but preference is given to those with the likelihood of using the diversity of human experience as an educational resource in teaching and scholarship and who are members of one or more of the following groups whose underrepresentation in the American professoriate has been severe and longstanding: Native American (including Alaskan and Pacific Island natives), Black/African American, Mexican America/Chicano, and Puerto Rican. Fellowship is for the final year of write-up. Application is available on the website.
Academy Scholars Program, Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies  Dissertation support for two years of advanced work at Harvard “for outstanding scholars at the start of their careers whose work combines disciplinary excellence in the social sciences (including history and law) with command of the language, history or culture of non-Western countries or regions.”  Individuals must “show promise of becoming leading scholars at major universities.”  Each year four to five Academy Scholars are chosen for the program, which provides an annual stipend of $56,000 for Post-Doctoral Scholars and $28,000 for Pre-Doctoral Scholars.  See website for application requirements.
The Academy Scholars Program, Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies.
Carter G. Woodson Institute Fellowships  – Univ. of Virginia Residential research fellowships for two years of support for dissertation writing related to African and/or the African Diaspora.  Pre-doctoral fellowships are for two years and carry a stipend of $20,000 per year, plus healthcare insurance.  Fellowship recipients must be in residence at the University of Virginia for the duration of the award period and are expected to contribute to the intellectual life of the University.  To this end, pre-doctoral fellows will become visiting graduate students attached to their respective disciplinary departments.  There is no citizenship requirement.  Application procedures are available on the website.
New York University Department of Anthropology extensive list of Post-Field and Dissertation Write-Up Fellowships NYU Department of Anthropology: The NYU Department of anthropology has compiled an extensive list of Post-Field and Dissertation Write-Up grants available.


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