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MD/MA or MD/PhD Joint Degree Programs


To train unusually qualified students in the following area:

  • Conduct research on a broad range of bio-cultural problems, with emphasis on the relationship between medicine, ecology, subsistence variables, population dynamics, and disease epidemiology
  • Identify and analyze socio-cultural impediments to the successful introduction, function, and evaluation of programs of health care in developed and less developed countries


Admission Procedures

  1. Applicants should make separate applications for admission to the School of Medicine and to the Department of Anthropology of the School of Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Applications to the Department of Anthropology must include MCAT scores, in addition to other information (transcripts, recommendations, etc.) indicated on the Graduate School forms. Application to the School of Medicine is initiated through the American Medical College Application Service in Washington, D.C. Applicants may write to the Admission Office or visit Medical School Admissions for further information regarding application procedures.
  2. The names of students whose applications have been reviewed favorably by the Department of Anthropology will be forwarded to the Admissions Committee of the School of Medicine with a recommendation that, if accepted by the School of Medicine, these applicants be admitted to the MD/MA program. The Department of Anthropology’s recommendation does not imply automatic admission to the School of Medicine. The credentials presented by applicants to the program will be considered competitively among all other applicants to the School of Medicine.