PhD’s in Anthropology

by Last Name Dissertation Title Current Position

Marissa Abbe

(PhD – January 2011)

“An Analysis of Cultural Competence, Cultural Difference, and Communication Strategies in Medical Care”
Research Scientist
Children’s Medical Center
Emergency Department/Injury Prevention Program

Kathleen Joy Adams

(PhD – August 1972)

“The Barama River Caribs of Guyana Restudied: Forty Years of Cultural Adaption and Population Change”

Sarah Adler

(PhD – January 2008)

“The Influence of Burmese Buddhist Understandings of Suffering on the Subjective Experience and Social Perceptions of Schizophrenia”

Aylin Atillasoy

(PhD – May 1996)

“Daily Survival Versus the Threat of AIDS: Street Youth and the Street Economy in New York City “

Timi Barone

(PhD -May 1997)

“Perceived Stress and Health in British and Asian Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients”
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology & Sociology
University of Nebraska

Donna Benson

(PhD – 1987)

“Pleasant Bottoms: The Cooperative Years, 1784-1826 (Ohio Decorative Arts, Folklore)”

Yewoubdar Beyene

(PhD – 1985)

“An Ethnography of Menopause: Menopausal Experiences of Mayan Women in a Yucatan Village”
Institute for Health & Aging
School of Nursing
University of California, San Francisco

John Blangero

(PhD – 1987)

“Population Genetic Approaches to Phenotypic Microevolution in the Jirels of Nepal”
Professor & Director, Genomics Computing Center, South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Frederick Bloom

(PhD – January 1996)

“Living in the HIV Spectrum: Life Stories and Illness Narratives of Gay Men”
Deputy Associate Director of Science
Centers for Disease Control, STD Division

Amy Blue

(PhD – May 1991)

“Culture, Nevra, and Institution: The Making of Greek Professional Ehtnopsychiatry”
Interim Department Chair
Associate Dean for Educational Affairs and Clinical Professor
Associate Vice President for Interprofessional Education
College of Public Health and Health Professions
Department of Behavorial Science and Community Health
University of Florida

Jeffrey Borkan

(MD – 1984; PhD – 1987)

“Occupational Health and Safety in Context: An Examination of Three Polyurethane Foam Plants in Israel”
Physician-in-Chief of Family Medicine
Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island
Family Medicine

Alex Bridges

(PhD – May 2017)

 “Two Monasteries in Ladakh: Religiosity and the Social Environment in Tibetan Buddhism.”

Sarah Bridges (Rundall)

(PhD – January 2016)

 “Culture, Environment, and Experiences of Disability in Ladakh, India”
Director of Faculty Grants, Office  of Government Grants and Sponsored Programs
Gustavus Adolphus College

Sherylyn Briller

(PhD – May 2000)

“Whom Can I Count on Today?: Contextualizing the Balance of Family and Government Old Age Support for Rural Pensioners in Mongolia”
 Associate Professor, Anthropology/STON
Purdue University.

Elizabeth Carpenter-Song

(PhD – August 2007)

“Lived Experiences of Behavioral and Emotional Disorders in U.S. Children and Families”
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Community and Family Medicine
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Dartmouth University

Ariel Cascio

(PhD – May 2015)

” Biopolitics and Subjectivity: The Case of Autism Spectrum Conditions In Italy”
Postdoctoral Fellow
Neuroethics Research Unit
Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal (IRCM)

Brad Cassuci

(PhD – August 2015)

 “A Cold Wind: Local Maasai Perceptions of the Common Health Landscape in Narok South”

Sarah Chard

(PhD – August 2001)

“Ugandan Women’s Health Beliefs, Social Networks and Tuberculosis Treatment Seeking”
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Shiuan Sanna Chen

(PhD – January 2011)

“Zuo Yue Zi Sitting the Month in Taiwan: Implications for Intergenerational Relations”

Yunzhu Chen

(PhD – May 2019)

“The Revival of “Visiting Marriage” – Family Change and Intergenerational Relations Among Matrilineal Tibetans in Southwestern China.”
Co-Principle Investigator
Department of Anthropology
Case Western Reserve University

Jacklyn Chisholm

(PhD – May 2002)

“Self-Identity and the Acquisition of Cultural Knowledge in University Settings” 
President and CEO
Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland (CEOGC)

Elizabeth Coker

(PhD – January 2001)

“The Making of the Egyptian Psychiatric Patient: Reinterpreting Cultural Symbols through Biomedical Discourse”
Director of Community Research & Development
Center for Strong Studies
University of Washington, Tacoma

Margaret Cooney

(PhD – May 2002)

“The Experience and Knowledge of Menopause among Low-Income Cleveland Women”
Data Quality Manager | Evaluator
Frontline Service, formerly MHS

Robert Dirks

(PhD – 1972)

“Networks, Groups, and Local-Level Politics in an Afro-Caribbean Community”
Professor Emeritus
Illinois State University

Christopher Dole

(PhD – May 2002)

“Outlaws, Swindlers, and Authentic Healers: Legitimacy, Identity, and Religious Healing in Urban Turkey”
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology and Sociology
Amherst College

Susan Dorsky

(PhD – May 1981)

“Women’s Lives in a North Yemeni Highland Town”

Delia Easton

(PhD – January 1998)

“The Cultural Context of Puerto Rican Adolescents’ Perception of HIV Risk”
Evaluation Specialist
Bureau of Immunization, NYSDOH

Michelle Eder

(PhD – January 2006)

“Parental Decision-Making About Children’s Participation in Clinical Research”
Research Associate
Center for Health Research Northwest
Kaiser Permanente Northwest

Nadia El-Shaarawi

(PhD – January 2012)

“Living an Uncertain Future: An Ethnography of Displacement, Health, Psychosocial Well-Being and the Search for Durable Solutions Among Iraqi Refugees in Egypt”
Assistant Professor of Global Studies
Colby College

Lillian Emmons

(PhD – May 1989)

“Determinants of Dieting Behavior and Eating Disorders in High School Students”

Regina Feldman

(PhD – January 1999)

“Burning Ashes-An Anthropological Study of Intellectual and Moral Judgment in the Historian’s Debate”
Humanities Faculty
Montessori High School at University Circle

Maryann Foley

(PhD – 1984)

“Personal and Social Effects of Being a Carrier of Hepatitis B”

Steven Folmar

(PhD – May 1985)

“Fertility and the Economic Value of Children in Pokhara Valley, Nepal”
Associate Professor and Associate Chair
Department of Anthropology
Wake Forest University

Joseph Galanek

(PhD – January 2012)

“The Social and Cultural Context of Mental Illness in Prison”
Qualitative Researcher
Population Health Sciences Division
Scimetrika, LLC

John Garrity

(PhD – May 1998)

“The Ethos of Power: Navajo Religious Healing of Alcohol and Substance Abuse”
Director of QI / Evaluation & Research
Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services Board

Elisa Gordon

(PhD – May 1999)

“If it’s not Broke, Don’t Fix It: Patients’ and Clinicians’ Decision Making for Treatment of End-Stage Renal Disease in the United States”
Research Associate Professor
Division of Organ Transplantation
Feinberg School of Medicine and Institute for Healthcare Studies
Northwestern University

N’omi Greber

(PhD – May 1976)

“Within Ohio Hopewell: Analysis of Burial Patterns from Several Classic Sites”


Meghan Halley

(PhD – January 2012)

“Negotiating Sexuality: Ritual, Culture and Change in Rural Southern Tanzania”
Assistant Research Anthropologist
Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute

Charlotte Haney (Mueller)

(PhD – May 2013)

“Imperiled Femininity: Reconfiguring Gender in a Context of Heightened Violence Against Women”
Visiting Lecturer
University of Houston, Clear Lake

C. Jeff Jacobson, Jr.

(PhD – May 2001)

“Spirits, Demons, and Nightmares: Moral Images of Self and Other in Puerto Rican Life History and Religious Discourse”
Associate Professor, Interim Department Head of A&S
Anthropology; Research Assistant Professor
Family Medicine & Anthropology
University of Cincinnati

Ben Jiao

(PhD – May 2001)

“Socio-Economic and Cultural Factors Underlying the Contemporary Revival of Fraternal Polyandry in Tibet”
 Senior Researcher
Tibet Academy of Social Sciences

David Kaawa-Mafigiri

(PhD – May 2007)

“Social Networks and Social Support for Tuberculosis Control in Kampala, Uganda”
Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Makerere University

Julia Knopes (Balacko)

(PhD – January 2019)

“The Social Construction of Sufficient Knowledge at an American Medical School”
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Anthropology
Case Western Reserve University

Sarah Koopman Gonzalez

(PhD – January 2017)

 “The Normalization of Everyday Violence: Rights, Education, and Violence Management in Salvadoran Children’s Lives” 
Research Associate
Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods
Case Western Reserve University

Yachun Gregory (Ku)

(PhD – May 1991)

“Chinese Rural Elderly in the Post Mao Era–Two Villages in Zhejiang Province” 
 Instructor, Sociology
Lorain County Community College

Sandra Laston

(PhD – January 1992)

“Risk Factors for Diarrheal Disease in Village Children in Nepal”
Associate Professor, South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Lydia Lauritzen

(PhD – January 2010)

“The Making of Bioethical History”
Assistant Nurse Manager
After Care Clinic
Harborview Medical Center, University of Washington School of Medicine

Anthony Layng

(PhD – 1976)

“The Carib Population of Dominica”


Ellen Lazarus

(PhD – January 1984)

“Pregnancy and Clinical Care: An Ethnographic Investigation of Perinatal Management for Puerto Rican and Low Income Women in the United States”

Elizabeth Lewton

(PhD – August 1997)

“Living Harmony: The Transformation of Self in Three Navajo Religious Healing Traditions” 

Heather Lindstrom

(PhD – January 2004)

“Aging and Modernization: A Field Study of the Determinants of Elders’ Social Status in American and Independent Samoa”
Chief Epidemiologist
Erie County Department of Health
Research Assistant  Professor
Department of Social and Preventive Medicine
University of Buffalo, The State University of New York

Sana Loue

(PhD – August 2004)

“Perceptions of Partner Violence among a Sample of Self-Identified Puerto Rican and Non-Hispanic White Men and Women in Cuyahoga County”
Department of Bioethics, Psychiatry, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and International Health
Case Wester Reserve University