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General Anthropology

General Information

The general anthropology concentration offers training in the subdisciplines of anthropology: sociocultural, physical, and archaeology.

Sociocultural subdiscipline

The sociocultural anthropology subdiscipline encompasses the study of the interrelationships among socioeconomic institutions, ecology, health and medicine, religion and symbolism, psychology and language.

Physical subdiscipline

The physical anthropology subdiscipline studies human biological variation in both time and space, applying techniques of human biology, paleontology, genetics, ecology, comparative anatomy, and epidemiology.

Archaeology subdiscipline

The archaeology subdiscipline deals with the long sequences of independent sociocultural, technological, and ecological evolution that have taken place under diverse conditions.

The general anthropology concentration provides a broad and integrated perspective on human behavior, sociocultural diversity, and human evolution, together with qualitative and quantitative analytic skills that are an excellent preparation for careers in a wide range of settings including health, international affairs, public service, education, law, management, and industry. At the same time, the general anthropology concentration is excellent preparation for graduate studies in anthropology and in professional schools such as medicine and law.



 ANTH 102  Being Human: Intro to Social and Cultural Anthropology
 ANTH 103  Introduction to Human Evolution
 ANTH 319  Intro to Statistical Analysis in the Social Sciences/ or equivalent


At least one course dealing with a geographic area, such as

 ANTH 312  Ethnography of Southeast Asia
 ANTH 314  Cultures of the United States
 ANTH 331  The Most Ancient Near East
 ANTH 333  Roots of Ancient India: Archaeology of South Asia
 ANTH 349  Cultures of Latin America
 ANTH 353  Chinese Culture and Society
  Approved anthropology electives: 18 semester hours



 ANTH 102  Being Human: Intro to Social and Cultural Anthropology
 ANTH 103  Introduction to Human Evolution
 At least one geographic area course
 Two approved electives: 6 semester hours


Click here for a PDF version of General Anthropology course requirements.

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