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International Health

Medical Anthropology Concentration


The International Health specialization within the graduate program in Medical Anthropology offers students training in international health research, as well as evaluation of international health projects.

The curriculum includes coursework in medical anthropology, epidemiology, and special topics in international health, including child survival, fertility and family planning, and nutritional intervention.

Students are qualified to work in international health research, academic, or administrative positions in governmental or private agencies.


All Master of Arts students in International Health must complete 27 credit hours including the following core courses: ANTH 459, 462, 480, 481, and 504 as well as an approved statistics course.

The remaining 12 credit hours are taken as electives in anthropology or other departments with the adviser’s approval.

At the Ph.D. level, students specializing in International Health must develop a program with their adviser to meet all Ph.D. requirements.

Page last modified: January 6, 2015