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Graduate Discourse

Graduate Discourse (GD) continues its tradition of being a body of unity and support for anthropology graduate students.


Positions for 2016-2017:

Co-Administrative Chairs: Julia Knopes & Catherine Osborn

Social Chair: Sonya Petrakovitz

Professional Development Chair:  Megan Schmidt-Sane

Journal Chair: Heather Baily

Library Chair: Brian Allen


This year, Graduate Discourse is continuing to create new professional development resources for graduate students in anthropology. The first of these resources, created last semester, is a job repository. The repository lists pasts positions held across the university and local academic institutions by our graduate students. It is intended to help new and current students locate potential employment by demonstrating the range of positions filled by graduate students in research, teaching, administrative, and other positions within and around CWRU. Graduate Discourse is next planning on generating a list of conferences where students have presented in the past, in order to help new and current students find the best venues for the presentation of their work and research beyond the Annual American Anthropological Association (AAA) Meeting.

Page last modified: October 11, 2016