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Faculty Research

KATIA ALMEIDA, Ph.D.  Instructor

(Federal University of Rio Janeiro)

Cultural and social anthropology; cultures of Latin America and Brazil; globalization and socio-economic development, visual anthropology, ethnoart, museums, and patrimony; contemporary youth cultures; Amazonian ethnology; anthropology and education; Latin American studies.


CYNTHIA M. BEALL, Ph.D.  Distinguished University Professor and Sarah Idell Pyle Professor of Anthropology; Co-Director, Center for Research on Tibet; Member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, American Philosophical Society, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. (Pennsylvania State University)

Physical anthropology; evolutionary human biology; evolutionary medicine; adaptation to high-altitude hypoxia on the Andean, Tibetan and East African plateaus.


ATWOOD D. GAINES, MA, Ph.D., M.P.H.  Professor; Professor of Psychiatry and Professor of Bioethics, Case School of Medicine; Professor of Nursing, Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing; Editor-in-Chief  of renowned journal “Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry”

(University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health)

Medical and psychiatric anthropology; cultural studies of science and medicine; cultural bioethics; religion; aging and dementia; social identity and health; United States, France, and the Mediterranean.


MELVYN C. GOLDSTEIN, Ph.D.  John Reynolds Harkness Professor; Co-Director, Center for Research on Tibet; Professor of International Health, School of Medicine; Member of the National Academy of Sciences

(University of Washington)

Social and cultural anthropology; development/population anthropology; cross-cultural and global aging; cultural ecology, ethnicity, and nationalism; anthropology and history; Tibet, China, Mongolia, Himalayas.


LAWRENCE P. GREKSA, Ph.D.  Professor and Chair

(Pennsylvania State University)

Physical anthropology; human biology; growth and development; nutrition; demography; modernization; Polynesia, Andes, Old Order Amish.

VANESSA HILDEBRAND, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

(Washington University)

Sociocultural anthropology; maternal and reproductive health; science and technology studies; global health and global health policy; Southeast Asia, Indonesia, United States.


LEE D. HOFFER, Ph.D., M.P.E.  Associate Professor

(University of Colorado, Denver; Washington University School of Medicine)

Cultural and medical anthropology; drug addiction; psychiatric epidemiology; ethnographic research methods; complex systems; computational modeling; economic anthropology; United States.


JILL E. KORBIN, Ph.D.  Lucy Adams Leffingwell Professor; Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Director, Schubert Center for Child Studies; Co-Director, Childhood Studies Program; President-elect Society for Psychological Anthropology

(University of California, Los Angeles)

Cultural, medical and psychological anthropology; culture and human development; child maltreatment and child well-being; neighborhood; United States, Old Order Amish.


JANET W. MCGRATH, Ph.D.  Professor; Director of Graduate Programs; Associate Professor of International Health, School of Medicine

(Northwestern University)

Biomedical anthropology; anthropology of infectious disease; international and global health; AIDS; urban health; United States, Africa.


JIM SHAFFER, Ph.D.  Associate Professor

(University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Archaeology; Middle East, Central Asia, Indus Valley, India


LIHONG SHI, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor

(Tulane University)

Sociocultural anthropology; reproduction; gender, marriage, and family relations; population aging and sex-ratio imbalance; China, East Asia.

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